Instant Cash Advance – East Tawas

Thank You Very much Instant Cash Advance – Tawas  patrons and members for your cash donation of $486.95! How did they do it?? They put one of our BIG baby bottles in their store and members & employees filled it with their spare change. Every penny, nickle, dime and quarter make a dollar and they filled it with just that!!

If you would like a BIG baby bottle in your busniess or church to fill for a donation, let us know 989-305-6308!

ALL money donations help us to provide for our families through purchasing Educational materials for our Earn While You Learn Program and necessary items for new babies, clothes, diapers, cribs, Pack & Plays….The need is great. Thank you again for partnering with us to Save The Lives of the Unborn Instant Cash Advance – Tawas

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